Dec. 6, 2020

Episode 52 - Lorraine D’Alessio, immigration lawyer

Episode 52 - Lorraine D’Alessio, immigration lawyer
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We speak to immigration lawyer Lorraine D'Alessio, founder of the D'Alession Law Group.
She talks about the 'hardest year' for her and her clients, battling the combination of the complex and ever-changing world of the Trump administration's immigration policy combined with the challenges of Coronavirus.
She tells of the heartbreak of stranded families, jobs lost and her efforts to find novel ways of helping families.
And hope that the new Biden administration will make immigration pathways clearer again.
The former model also tells her personal journey from catwalk star to award winning lawyer. How her first clients were models and casting agents and some of the prejudice she faced both at the beginning of her career and even now.
And Lorraine tells us why she wants to share a Jefferson 17 Presidential Select with her English grandfather.