United States of Dramerica

United States of Dramerica

There is nothing like a dram of whisky to inspire an important conversation.Each week we sit down with a guest from the worlds of entertainment, sport or business and they tell their story over a glass of whisky.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 92 - Benjamin Percy, comic book writer

March 13, 2023

The whisky podcast is back and we have the excellently-voices Benjamin Percy aboard. The comic book writer tells us, over a Lagavulin 16, which super heroes would drink, how comics helped him as a kid moving cities and why M…

Episode 91 - Patrick Macmanus, writer, producer, showrunner, Dr Death, The Girl from Plainville

Aug. 29, 2022

American in Paris, Hollywood writer and whisky lover Patrick Macmanus is the latest guest on the podcast. We explore learning languages, Americans abroad and what makes a good leader. Over a Dalmore 12 and a Glenfiddich Gran…

Episode 90 - Alan Miller, hat fanatic and founder of Official League

June 13, 2022

We talk to hat-preneur and marketeer Alan Miller. We talk fashion hats, washing hats, hat designs and basically all things hat. Over an Alexander Murray, he talks about owning 100s of hats, all-mesh hats, corduroy hats, wool…

Episode 89 - David Siegel, former LA Dodgers exec and President of LA Sports Council

June 6, 2022

We talk to sports exec (and sports fanatic) David Siegel. We discuss his love of sport, pitching to his heroes and how bad some of the national anthems were at Dodgers Stadium. David tells us about a career in a baseball fro…

Episode 88 - Bob Schukai, EVP Open Banking, Mastercard

May 30, 2022

We talk rock music, whisky, crypto and the future of banking with the extraordinary Bob Schukai. The EVP of Open Banking at Mastercard tells us his about love of Orange County rockers Social Distortion, his fascination with …

Episode 87 - Leigh Turner, former diplomat and novelist

May 23, 2022

We talk to former British diplomat-turned-novelist Leigh Turner. Leigh tells us about his new novel Palladium, getting clearance from the British Foreign Office to write these books and the motivation behind his new career. …

About the Host

Dan RutsteinProfile Photo

Dan Rutstein

Dan is a former British diplomat and whisky enthusiast.
He started the podcast because he wanted to be able to have important conversations with interesting people over an enjoyable drink.