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An Education
This podcast has fast become a favorite, albeit one I don’t listen to on my commutes... because I get a bit too thirsty! Dan is a great host and I’m learning loads about the world of whisky. Would recommend to even a casual friend.

Enjoy this cosy chat as an eclectic group of guests share their experience of whisky - you’ll learn, laugh and it’s entirely possible you will get a bit teary. So pour a dram, sit back, enjoy Chris’ mellifluous tones and Dan’s probing questions.

I don’t drink whisky, but I love this podcast!
Dan and Chris do an AMAZING job of shining a light on the wild & wonderful world of whisky. Every episode is a delight, you finish listening and feel like you’ve just been sat around a cosy fireplace drinking a warming dram. I particularly enjoyed Jennifer Wren’s episode, she’s a passionate advocate of all things whisky and spoke movingly about the roots of her love for the spirit. I was in bits!