April 5, 2021

Episode 68 - Dave Vitale, founder of Starward whisky

Episode 68 - Dave Vitale, founder of Starward whisky
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We go Down Under this week to talk to Dave Vitale, the founder of Australian whisky sensation Starward.
He talks about his company's market positioning, why Starward is perfect for cocktails and as a 'dinner table whisky'. He explains how the pandemic has been tough for a growing brand, why he wanted to start distilling and the growing market in Australia.
He talks about the pleasing lack of whisky prejudice against newer markets and why people should embrace new expressions  and how Starward are growing in the US.
And Dave explains what cuisine pairs best with his whisky, how Two-Fold and tonic is the new gin and tonic and where he expects to see Starward in the next five years.