Episode 34 - Tom Hartley, British Deputy High Commissioner to Ghana

We talk to Tom about whisky and gin diplomacy, the work of diplomats in a post-covid world with no glitzy receptions and his love for Ghana. We also cover how Black Lives Matter is being handled in Ghana, the wonders of street food and the importance for a British diplomat of living above a whisky store in Lebanon. And why he would have liked to share a Glenfiddich with Winston Churchill.

Personal Journals Interview

Episode 33 - Master Kemmer, Tang Soo Do Master

We talk to Fifth Dan Black Belt and owner of Cutting Edge Karate, Master Brandon Kemmer. He tells us about the importance of martial arts in a well rounded education, teaching karate over Zoom and meeting Chuck Norris. He also talks about learning Krav Maga, how you're never too old to start karate and his brief child acting career - including being given a dirty magazine by Ross in Friends! We also discover the Karate Kid and Kung Fu Panda led to a spike in student enrollments, his joy in watching Bruce Lee films and why everyone should take up martial arts.

Episode 32 - Rhino, Gladiator

We talk to Mark Smith - better known as Rhino from the Gladiators. He tells us his journey from food stamps to Hollywood and from body building to Batman. How he got his break on one of the most popular UK television shows of the 90s and how he took that fame and ended up doing voices for Disney - playing a Rhino in Zootopia. We also cover working with Idris Elba and Liam Neeson and exec producing the new movie hit The Outpost. He also talks about George Floyd, protesting and the difference between being stopped by police in Britain and America.

Episode 31 - Steve Valentine, actor and magician

We talk to veteran actor and musician Steve Valentine about his time in Hollywood and his global travels. He tells us about fighting Hulk Hogan, performing magic for Michael Jackson and even dealing cards at something resembling Molly's Game. He also tells us about performing at the Magic Castle, running a Yugoslavian nightclub as a teenager and his appearance in Spider-Man 3. And why he wants to drink whisky with Houdini.

Episode 30 - Laura Schwab, Aston Martin

We talk to Aston Martin’s President for the Americas Laura Schwab. She tells us about her love for the iconic British brand, the power of James Bond and growing up in Kentucky. Laura has also worked for Jaguar Land Rover so tells us about why she loves working for British car companies, how Covid will impact driving and the power of their brand not just for owners but for everyone. She tells us about the new Aston Martin SUV - complete with optional dog washer - and how to fit a car seat into a DB11. We talk about life in Bourbon country, how to make a Presbyterian, the clever marketing of Maker’s Mark whisky and her bourbon bar.

Episode 29 - Jason Trost, Smarkets

We talk to Jason Trost, founder of betting exchange Smarkets. We talk about the probability of a Biden win in November, why there was only a 20% chance Trump would win in 2016 and the $20bn sports betting market in America. We also cover why he loves Lagavulin, how he started his company in his sitting room in London and sharing a whisky with Alexander Hamilton.

Episode 28 - Gerry Cottle Jr, Rooftop Cinema Club founder

We talk to Rooftop Cinema Club founder Gerry Cottle Jr. He talks about drive in cinemas in the time of Covid, his life growing up in the circus (including his sister’s pet monkey and performing penguins) and why he wants to drink whisky with Elvis. We also cover his love of Dennys, why Tom Cruise should come to him for the Top Gun 2 premiere and a strong man who can lift an elephant. And we drank Balcones and Howlerhead whiskeys.

Episode 27 - Henok Negash, Magic Castle magician.

We speak to Magic Castle performer Henok Negash, the Bow Tie Magician. He talks about how much he misses performing due to the lockdown, his time in the Peace Corps and how a famous divorce lawyer helped him perfect his favorite trick.

Episode 26 - David Haines, Chief Strategy Officer BakerRipley

We talk to former Marine and Obama advisor David Haines about his work serving Houston's communities during Covid and how he feels about racial divide in America.

Episode 25 - Mark Gillespie, host of Whiskycast

25th Episode Special. We’re honoured to have veteran whisky broadcaster Mark Gillespie as our guest. The Whiskycast host talks about drinking in bars after Covid, missing his whisky friends and his long and fascinating journey in whisky broadcasting.

Social Distancing Special #7. Simon Leslie, co-founder of Ink Global

We talk to travel expert Simon Leslie about inspiring his isolated teams, the future of flying and hotels and why good Vegas buffets and cruise ships will survive.

Social Distancing Special #6. Andy Weir, whisky ambassador and Young Hamish from Braveheart

We talk to Andy Weir, brand manager for Aberlour. We talk about the future of drinking in bars, teaching Mel Gibson a Scottish accent and making the most of life’s opportunities.

Social Distancing Special #5. Mike Brewer, Wheeler Dealer.

Motor legend Mike Brewer tells us about sending messages of condolence to Coronavirus victims, social media trolling and buying his first electric car. While drinking Balvenie and worrying about being judged for the amount of recycled whisky bottles.

Social Distancing Special #4. Rachel Rudwall, travel storyteller.

We talk to travel storyteller Rachel Rudwall about contracting and surviving Coronavirus, what she misses about life on the road and the future of travel.

Social Distancing Special #3. Cyrina Fiallo, actress and quarantine singer.

We talk to Cyrina Fiallo about appearing in Super Bowl ads, cheering people up with quarantine music and hula-hooping.

Social Distancing Special #2. Noah Evslin, Hollywood writer and producer.

We talk to non-whisky drinker and Hollywood writer Noah Evslin. He tells us whether Coronavirus would have made a believable story, how Grey's Anatomy would have treated this pandemic and how writing rooms may change in the future.

Social Distancing Special. Jennifer Wren, whisky ambassador (again)

We talk to Jennifer Wren (while socially distancing) about the drinks industry in a time of shut bars, finding humor in quarantine and the importance of drinking whisky virtually.

Interview Personal Journals Tv & Film Whisky

Episode 17 - Jeff B Cohen, Chunk from the Goonies

We talk to Beverly Hills lawyer Jeff B Cohen about writing books, how puberty ruined his child acting career and, of course, being Chunk from the Goonies.