Oct. 11, 2021

Episode 79 - Michele Kajiwara, SVP Premium STAPLES Center

Episode 79 - Michele Kajiwara, SVP Premium STAPLES Center
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We talk to the passionate Michele Kajiwara, SVP Premium at the STAPLES Center.
She talks about selling sports experiences in a Covid world, the impact of the social justice movement and how much she missed the thrill of live entertainment during the pandemic.
Michele talks passionately about the sports experience, tells the story of being invited to a funeral of one her clients and how all the stories were of shared experiences and what it is like to be in a sports venue when something truly historic happens.
She talks about Kobe Bryant, his impact on her and the night he scored 81 points.
And she explains why she wants to share a Japanese whisky with Bob Marley in the Seychelles.