Aug. 30, 2021

Episode 78 - Shaun Robinson, manager of Hilton Anaheim

Episode 78 - Shaun Robinson, manager of Hilton Anaheim
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We talk to Shaun Robinson, manager of the Hilton Anaheim, California's third largest hotel.
He tells stories from his 30+ years in the business including meeting Pele and Muhammed Ali, how we got his start as a waiter in Newport Beach and dealing with power cuts.
He talks about having to furlough most of his 1200 staff due to the pandemic, how they dealt with 9/11 and the glitz and glamor of working in Beverly Hills.
Shaun talks about why he left Liverpool to work in hospitality, when Stevie Wonder played in the lobby of his hotel and explains the leadership lessons he learned along the way.
A fascinating behind-the-scenes take on life in the hospitality business by an entertaining and thoughtful leader.