April 25, 2021

Episode 71 - Markus Stripf, founder of Spoon Guru

Episode 71 - Markus Stripf, founder of Spoon Guru
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We talk to Markus Stripf, co-founder of nutrition data analysis firm Spoon Guru.
He explains how his company helps those on food exclusion diets to more easily find products they can eat.
Markus explains that two in every three people are on some form of specialist diet, how his wife's issues finding foods due to her allergies was the inspiration behind the company and the environmental reasons behind so many new vegans.
We talk plant-based food, personalized diets and lab-grown meat. And we both agree that alcohol should remain in a healthy diet - and helps you live longer (sort of...)
And Markus explains why he wants to drink a Jura 10 with Keith Richards in Cuba.